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The page contains all the necessary information about different kind of bonuses and how to claim them. wishes you a lot of luck with the games, it’s time to start streaming and spin the reels!

You can get different bonuses at almost every online casino, but not every casino bonus is equally valuable. In addition to large amounts of euros and huge number of spins, bonus terms are an essential part of a good bonus. Sometimes it’s worth settling for a smaller amount of euros on better terms.

Our team has been actively reviewing new online casinos and comparing bonuses. Casino bonuses 2022 are more reasonable in terms than ever before and you can even get bonuses without wagering at all! As a new player, you can receive bonus money for several consecutive deposits.  For the first time, many casinos give up to hundreds of free spins on their first deposit!

Bonuses can be used as both a new and old player. Time to start spinning, right?

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What are casino bonuses?

In all its simplicity, casino bonuses are casino’s way of marketing its services and attracting new players. For this reason, bonuses are especially available for new players, as the ultimate purpose of the promotions is to get new customers.

When an online casino offers you a bonus on your first deposit, you will receive a certain percentage of extra money for your deposit. For example, if the casino bonus is 100%, you will receive €200 worth of money to play with a deposit of €100.

Thanks to the extra play money, your risk of trying out casino games is significantly lower, which will perhaps make you more eager to try out the games of a new online casino. You caught the idea, didn’t you?

However, online casino bonuses are not intended for new customers alone. There is a really fierce competition between gaming sites, so casinos also need to keep their existing players as satisfied as possible.

This also allows old players at most online casinos to enjoy bonus money and free spins, even that the best casino bonuses are offered within the welcome package.

How is casino bonus different from cash? Bonuses are always subject to certain conditions that you must meet before you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account. The most common of these is the wagering requirement, which you need to fulfill on casino games for a certain amount of money.

Online casino bonuses cannot be withdrawn as soon as you receive them – it requires some good luck to change the bonus to cash. However, there is no reason to be worried about this, the wagering requirements can still be completed!

Different casino bonuses

Each player has their own opinion of what is the best casino bonus. Others love the free spins on slots, while someone else hate these!

Overall, the most money-valued casino bonuses are deposit bonuses, as these make it possible to multiply the size of your available balance. Free spins, on the other hand, can be quite valuable with a hint of luck, but most of the time these are offered with a very small spin bet. This in turn means small wins.

Deposit bonuses

The basic idea of a deposit bonus is very simple. The casino promises to offer you a certain percentage of extra bonus money when you make a deposit. For example, if the casino bonus is 100%, you will receive €200 worth of funds with a deposit of €100.

In general, the casino sets a maximum limit for offers, which means the casino bonuses can be used up to 1,000 euros, for example.  At a few online casinos you receive up to 500% deposit bonuses, which will multiply your original deposit.

Free spins

The great popularity of free spins is based on the fact that they are a really simple and easy casino bonus for both the player and the casino.

You will receive a certain number of spins in a particular game, during which your balance will not be decreased at all. Of course, the outcome of free spins is never known in advance, so at the end of the spins the balance is always a surprise – sometimes positive, sometimes not.


Cashback offers you the opportunity to get some of your bets back if you are unlucky.

In order to receive cashback, you must first lose to the casino games. For example, when the casino offers a 10% cashback, you will get 10 euros back from your €100 bets. Unlike almost every other casino bonus, cashbacks are always paid in cash without a wagering requirement.

How to claim a casino bonus

The casino bonus is always redeemed according to the policies of the online casino in question, which may vary a lot. For this reason, it is always important to check what you need to do to get your bonus money or free spins on your account.

In our listings you can always find a mention if you need some special measures to claim a bonus at the casino.

At most online casinos, the systems are very automatic and casino bonuses appear in your player account automatically. For example, casino bonuses with no deposit upon registering are usually available as soon as you finish registering your account. When you take advantage of deposit bonuses you usually have to select that casino bonus on the deposit page.  In this case, the money will automatically appear in your player account when the deposit is completed. The process is very simple:

  1. Register a player account at the casino
  2. Go to the deposit page and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  3. Select a bonus, often this is automatically selected
  4. Complete your deposit and open the game lobby
  5. Follow the wagering requirement on the bonus page

No rocket science! However, sometimes at casinos the systems can be much more old-fashioned, which is why some casino bonuses must be asked separately from the casino’s helpdesk. Bonus codes are also still in use at a few online casinos. These can be found in our listings. compares casino bonuses for you!

Some players find casino bonuses with wagering requirements and other terms difficult. Some even suspect that it is practically not possible to meet the terms and conditions! However, this is not the case: casino bonuses can be very valuable and fair to the player regardless of the terms and conditions.

It is also worth remembering that, for example, a casino bonus of 200 euros offers a player clearly higher chances of winning than when playing with cash money. This is true despite wagering requirements and other term. In casino games, it’s all about chance and luck, but of course more money guarantees a better chance of winning.

Our team will carefully review all the excellent casino bonuses found on this page. You don’t have to worry about the terms and conditions set for bonuses, as we’ll go over these for you. Every casino bonus on this page is proven to be functional and usable.

Our list is constantly updated and our streamers always take advantage of the latest bonuses. Follow the listings and watch the streams, we never run out of casino bonuses!